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Thank you for visiting iPower Technologies. The word expertise is defined as, “having great skill or knowledge in a particular field.” When customers choose to do business with your organization, they do so because you are an expert at what you do. Continuing to provide real value and expertise to your clients is of utmost importance and in order to provide this value to your clients, you need phones, email, Internet, computer hardware and software applications of all kinds. Access to information is invaluable and communication is essential. The cost of a day without email or Internet is incalculable. So how can you guarantee that your infrastructure will be up and running and able to support you 24/7/365? You need an expert. You need iPower Technologies.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our technicians, engineers and staff are able to deliver technology solutions to your business when and where you need them. Whether you are a small law firm with 20 employees or a large multi-location enterprise, iPower Technologies will keep your infrastructure functional so you can concentrate on running your business. Whether it’s complete outsourcing of your IT support, data back-up and disaster recovery, network design and implementation, anti-spam and content filtering or mobile device management, iPower Technologies stands ready to provide you with unmatched expertise.

We did not get that skill set by just being on the forefront of technology, each employee and engineer is reminded every day that IT is a business process that people rely on to help their businesses succeed. That's why from the day we partner with your company, we never forget the "human" side of information technology. We are here to help solve problems. Technology and people, that's IT made plain and simple. At iPower Technologies we often ask, "What do you want your network to do for you?"

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