Cloud Based Solutions

Everyone is talking about the promise of the cloud, for good reason. For business owners—especially the small to medium-size (SMB) market—the cloud can significantly reduce complexity and financial outlay over on-site hardware. No matter what you do with your servers—from running line-of-business applications to conducting ecommerce—you’ll do it more efficiently in the cloud.

The iPower Solution:
Cloud Servers let you run your business, not an IT center

The iPower Solution: Cloud Servers let you run your business, not an IT centerWe provision a private server for you at our data center, running on high-performance hardware equipped with Intel CPUs and blazing-fast memory. Servers can be dedicated (your firm controls all use of the physical server box) or virtual (we partition a secure, private, server for your company on a larger physical server). Optionally, we can help you transition to application hosting, whereby you run only specific applications (some or all) at our data center, enabling you to retain local control of your business data.

You connect to your server, from anywhere in the world, through an easy-to-use, Web-based portal (PC or mobile device). Everything on the server runs as if it were at your office, only with blazing-fast performance. You never worry about uptime (how does 99.9% sound?), maintenance and other IT hassles. If you need more space, we can increase your allocation quickly and easily.

High-speed SANs (Storage Area Networks) and specialized configurations provide data redundancy, security and failover support. In the extremely unlikely event one of our continually monitored, industrial-grade servers were to give the faintest hint of a potential problem; we would switch your data to another server, with no discernible consequence for your users. In short, with a Cloud Server, you enjoy unparalleled flexibility, stability, security and reliability with a lower TCO. Don’t you wish everything in the business world worked this well?

Virtual Server Hosting

Companies that want on-demand access to some or all of their data and applications, anywhere; anytime; are excellent candidates for virtual server hosting. With a virtual server, your data is 100% protected and secure in our world-class data center, so you don’t lose access to it if your office is closed due to power outages or weather events. Virtual server hosting is a cost-effective solution for companies that do not require a dedicated server.With a virtual server, your data is 100% protected and secure in our world-class data center

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers enable firms to run demanding applications processing millions of calculations per second without bogging down the rest of their network. Firms that cannot share server space due to regulatory or legal concerns, or whose need for storage or virtual memory/processing capacity fluctuates wildly, are also perfect candidates for dedicating server hosting.

Application Hosting

Application hosting is a perfect introduction to cloud computing for those companies that need high-performance servers for their line-of-business applications but want or are required to store their data on-site. For an affordable, fixed price, iPower will deploy, manage, maintain, and connect you to your business applications, hosted at our world-class data center.

Hosted PBX by Nextiva

Cut the Cord and Get a Complete Cloud Phone System The Nextiva cloud-based phone system is an all-inclusive unified communication (UC) solution designed for small to large enterprises.

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